Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting Worksheet Universe

I contacted you via your website contact form and have not received a reply. Why?
We will reply to any reasonable inquiry submitted to us. The most common reason that our reply is not received is due to the use of spam filters at home and especially in the academic world. If you contact us, please ensure that you can receive mail from You may also wish to check in your deleted folder for our reply.
Important: If you have purchased a download you must make sure you are able to receive email from us to complete your transaction.

May I save the free worksheets to my computer to use at a later date?
No, you may not save free worksheets but you are welcome to come back anytime and print the worksheets you need directly from our website.

I am a teacher in a public or private institution. May I give copies of your free worksheets to my students?
Yes, feel free to use our worksheets to enhance your curriculum. Please ensure all copyright information is intact on any worksheets that you distribute or use in your classroom.

I am the webmaster for our school website. May I post your materials to share with our students and parents?
No, you may not post any of our copyrighted materials to a website. You may place links to our grade level pages if you like.

I am having trouble opening some of the free worksheets. Any suggestions?
The materials on Worksheet Universe have been tested on a PC. They should open equally well on other platforms since all files are .pdf files. We recommend that you use Acrobat Reader 7 or higher and you may download it for free here.

How often do you update your website? came online on 6/7/06 and we will be adding new materials as time allows.

Do you offer an ad-free version of this site?
Currently, there is not an ad-free version of Worksheet Universe available. The site carries advertising and features affiliate links in order to cover the costs associated with hosting, maintaining, and growing a web site. An ad-free alternative would require membership fees in order to maintain the site. Please know that disabling ads in your browser affects the ability of this site to remain online.

My question was not answered here and I would like to know how to contact you?
You may contact us via our online contact form located here.