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Fun holiday worksheets and coloring pages from Worksheet Universe.

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Valentine's Day Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Valentine's Count - Count up to 10 items in each row and write the number in the box.
Valentine's Day Addition With Sums to 10 - These two Valentine's Day addition practice worksheets will provide fun holiday math practice!
Valentine's Day Subtraction - This Valentine's Day you can provide your students with extra practice subtracting within 10!
Coloring Pages
Valentine's Day Wolf - This friendly wolf wants to be your valentine.
Valentine Coloring Page - Read the color words (red, pink, brown) and color the bear.
Be My Valentine Bear - Color this sweet bear holding a valentine.
You're Sweet as Candy - This friendly skunk is holding a box of candy and wearing tennis shoes.
Valentine's Day Hearts and Flowers - This picture could but cut out and used on a Valentine's Day or Mother's Day card.
Valentine Dog - This big dog is full of love!
Valentine's Day - Cute Valentine character to color and share.
Valentine Tracing - Trace and color the dog holding a heart.
Valentine's Day Fun - This fun valentine's Day worksheet presents students with the opportunity to count, complete a picture, and identify the largest and smallest items in a set.

Easter Activities

How Many Eggs - Can you count the number of eggs this crazy rabbit is juggling?
Easter Basket Dot-to-Dot - Connect the dots from 1 to 9 to complete this Easter picture.
Miscellaneous Easter Activities
Easter Bunny Maze 1 - Help the baby bunny find the basket.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Ordering Numbers to 20 - Same item as below but for color printers.
St. Patrick's Day Ordering Numbers to 20 - This fun St. Patrick's Day math worksheet requires students to order four numbers between 1 and 20 from least to greatest.
St. Patrick's Day Ordering Numbers to 10 - This ordering numbers worksheet is for color printers.
St. Patrick's Day Ordering Numbers to 10 - Students will write a series of four numbers in sequential order.

Halloween Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Halloween Count and Color #2 - This worksheet includes counting to 6 and color recognition.
Silly Spider - Complete the picture of the silly symmetrical spider.
Halloween Printing Practice - Students will practice printing five Halloween related words on this printing practice worksheet.
Halloween Printing Practice - Students will write Halloween words in a *D'Nealian style script.
Halloween Themed Paper - This file features four bordered Halloween writing/drawing pages. Two colored (lined and unlined) pages and two black and white (lined and unlined) pages.
Coloring Pages
Witch with Ghost - This little ghost would like some yummy witches brew!
Ghost in Jack-O-Lantern - A friendly ghost is coming out of a jack-o-lantern with a trick or treat bag on this coloring page.
Skeleton in Jack-O-Lantern - A coloring page.
Trick-or-Treaters - This coloring page features a ghost, a pirate, and a ballerina trick-or-treating.
Bobbing For Apples - A little witch is bobbing for apples on this fun coloring page.
Cat in Jack-O-Lantern - A goofy cat peeks out of a jack-o-lantern.
Dog in Jack-O-Lantern - A funny dog is popping out of a jack-o-lantern.
Mouse in Jack-O-Lantern - Halloween coloring page
Silly Frankenstein - Funny Frankenstein coloring page.
Scarecrow - This adorable scarecrow makes a fun coloring page for younger kids.
Trick or Treat - Two friendly witches trick-or-treating are sure to be fun to color.
Haunted House #7 - Color this haunted house with a ghost emerging from it.
Haunted House #8 - Halloween coloring page complete with a haunted house, full moon, trees, and a ghost.
Haunted House #9 - A simple coloring page with a haunted house and a ghost.
Friendly Vampire - A friendly vampire says "BOO".
Goofy Jack-O-Lantern - coloring page
Witch on a Broom - coloring page
Friendly Happy Halloween Ghost - This friendly ghost is wishing you a "Happy Halloween".
Cat in Pumpkin - Friends?
Halloween Cut and Paste - Students will color each half of four pictures then cut out the left side and paste it next to the right side to make a complete picture.
Halloween Find the Difference 2 - Circle the item in each row that is different.
Monster Word Search - Find and circle 14 Halloween words in this word search puzzle.

Thanksgiving Activities

Printing Thanksgiving Words - Copy six Thanksgiving words in your best manuscript style.
Printing Thanksgiving Words - *D'Nealian style
Primary Lined Paper - This Thanksgiving themed paper features wide lines for younger students.
Lined Thanksgiving Paper - Eleven pages of blank Thanksgiving writing paper for color printers.
Coloring Pages
Pilgrim and Indian - Color the picture of the two friends.
Scarecrow - There is nothing scary about this friendly scarecrow.
Pilgrim Couple - A Thanksgiving coloring page.
Pilgrim #3 - Color the Pilgrim wearing a cape and a hat.
Thanksgiving Find the Difference - Circle the Thanksgiving picture in each row that is different from the others.


Christmas Counting - Count the Christmas items in each row and write the number in the box.
Elf with List - Print your name on the list and color the picture
Puppy in Christmas Hat - Ahh! Color the adorable puppy in a stocking cap.
Christmas Tree - Have fun coloring the tree and ornaments.
Holiday Wreath - Color the wreath and holiday message.
Stocking - This Christmas stocking is full of toys and candy!

Holiday worksheets created by Tracey Smith.