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Kindergarten Skills Overview

  • Can name and print all upper and lower case letters.
  • Can name and print numerals 0-9.
  • Use and understand interrogatives (who, what, where, when, why).
  • Use and understand prepositions (in, out, to, from, on, off, etc.).
  • Recognize and name punctuation marks.
  • Understand that words are separated by a space in text and be able to follow words from left to right on a page.
  • Will learn to ask more detailed questions in order to gain understanding of a subject.
  • Kindergarteners should be able to speak clearly and express ideas and feelings.
  • Know the sounds of letters, use rhyming words, and begin to sound out words.
  • Ability to fluently count to 100 orally, identify a group of 20 items, and add and subtract within 20 using manipulatives.
  • Kindergarten students should understand ordinal numbers.
  • Know the names of shapes and colors and be able to identify them in their environment.
  • Classify items by shape, color, size, etc.
  • Should be able to hold and use scissors, properly hold a pencil, fasten a button, zip a zipper, pour from a small pitcher.
  • Preschool and kindergarten children should be given the opportunity to use a variety of art mediums including clay, paint, glitter, glue, pencils, crayons, etc.
  • Should be exposed to a variety of music and allowed to sing and hold, touch, and play a variety of musical instruments such as tambourines, bells, guitars, recorders, and a piano.
  • Play catch, hind-and-seek, and group games while following an agreed upon set of rules.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Number Sense
Color the Squares - Students will follow the directions on this pre-math worksheet and color a given number of squares the color indicated.
Number Match 1 through 10 - Students will draw a line to math numerals 1-10 with number words one-ten.
Number Match 11 through 20 - Students will draw a line from the numerals eleven-twenty in the left column to the matching number words for numerals 11-20 in the right column.

Counting Worksheet 2 - Match the number of objects (11-20) with the correct number.
Counting Worksheet 1 - Count the items in each set and draw a line to the number that tells "how many".
Missing Numbers - On worksheet 1 your students will complete each number sequence of five with the missing number. When completing worksheet 2, students will fill in two missing numbers in a sequence of six. Number sequences are 0-10 on both worksheets.
Counting Fun - Students will count sets containing 18, 20, 25, or 30 items and write the number that tells "how many".
More Counting Fun - Students will count sets containing 11, 15, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, or 30 items and write the number that tells "how many" in each set. This worksheet will also provide fine motor practice when students color the items in each set.
Dot-to-Dot x1 - This fun dot-to-dot worksheet will make a star for students who correctly connect the dots from 1-10! A fun way to practice pencil control, counting to 10, and introduce the star shape.
Winter Counts Worksheet 2 - Students will count up to 20 winter related items in a group and write the number that tells "how many".
Match the Set Worksheets 3-4 - Students will practice counting from 10-19 and match each set counted with the number that tells "how many".
match the number of objects with the correct number, 10-19
Match the Set Worksheets1-2 - Count and match 0-9 items to the correct number word.
Missing Numbers to Twenty - Help the dog complete the number sign by writing in the missing numbers to 20.
Counting Shapes - Students will count the shapes in each row and write the number that tells "how many". This worksheet can also serve as a review of familiar shapes when students are asked to name the shapes in each row.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets
Addition Practice Worksheets 3-6 - The four worksheets in this file provide practice adding single-digit numbers with sums to 10.
Horizontal Addition Worksheets 3-5 - Each worksheet features sixty horizontal addition worksheets with sums to 10.
In the Dog House Addition - Help the puppy get to the doghouse by solving the addition problems and coloring the path with the even numbered answers.
Cupcake Math - Add the cupcakes and write the sum on the line.
Puppy Addition - Add the puppies with sums from 6-10 and write the sum on the line.
Insect Addition - Students will add bees, ants, and other insects and write each sum to 5.
Dinosaur Addition - Count the dinosaurs and solve the addition problems with sums to 10.

Mixed Operations
Ducks in the Pond - Students will use the pictures when solving simple addition and subtraction equations

Kindergarten Fractions
Equal Parts - This beginning fraction worksheet provides practice in identifying shapes with two equal parts.

Kindergarten Shapes
Following Directions Worksheets 1-3 - Students will read and follow the directions to count and color the correct number of objects.

Miscellaneous Kindergarten Math Worksheets
St. Patrick's Day Ordering Numbers to 10 - Students will write a series of four numbers in sequential order.
Ordinal Numbers - Students will follow the directions to identify the 1st-5th items on this worksheet.

Handwriting Worksheets

Blank handwriting paper (1)
Letter A worksheet - Students will practice printing upper and lower case letter /a/ and will build their vocabulary when reading and copying the words apple, airplane, acorn, apron, and astronaut.
Colored Pencils - This fun worksheet provides color word recognition and alphabetizing practice. The pictures could be laminated and cut for use in a language arts center.
Balloon Colors - Color one balloon red, one balloon blue, and one balloon your favorite color. Write favorite color in the space provided.

Reading and Language Arts

Letter Recognition
Alphabet Fun - Students will increase familiarity with the alphabet when they write the letters that come before and after each letter on this worksheet.
Finding Letters /t/ and /s/ in Text - Students will read My Day at School then circle every /t/ and underline every /s/ in the story. They will then count the letters, answer a question, and draw a picture.
Finding Letters /m/ and /p/ in Text - Students will read The Park then circle every /m/ and underline every /p/ in the story. They will then count the letters, answer a question, and draw a picture of a tree.
Finding Letters /z/ and /w/ in Text - Students will read At the Zoo then circle and count every letter /z/ and underline and count every /w/ in the story. They will then draw a picture of their favorite zoo animal.
Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot A-Z - Draw a line to connect the letters A-Z and complete the picture of a friendly dinosaur.

Nursery Rhyme Think and Find - Students will rely on prior knowledge of a variety of nursery rhymes when they name the character described in each clue. This is a self-checking worksheet so if a student is not familiar with a character that is described, he or she may decode the answer.

First Letter at the Zoo Worksheets A and B - When completing the two worksheets in this file, students will write the beginning consonant for each zoo animal then draw a line to the picture of the animal. Consonants include b, k, l, m, r, g, h, s, t, and z.

Silly Animals - Students will build their sight word vocabulary when they copy the words jump, swing, and, climb, and can on these two worksheets. They will also complete sentences using each of the words.
Matching Words Worksheets 3 and 4 - Students will circle the matching pairs of pre-primer Dolch words on the two worksheets presented here.
Reading Readiness 3 - Use the vocabulary words provided to complete the five sentences on this worksheet.

Happy Bird, Sad Bird - Students will properly identify the sad bird and the happy bird on this opposite worksheet.
Happy Bear Angry Bear - This worksheet could be used to discuss the emotions of happy and angry and can serve as a conversation starter about what makes students happy and what makes them angry.
Angry and Happy - Color the happy rhino and mark an x on the angry rhino.
Happy and Sad Pumpkins - Students will color the happy pumpkins and mark an x on the sad pumpkins.
Red Frog, Yellow Frog - Students will identify, count, and color the large frogs and identify, color, and count the small frogs on this worksheet.
Valentine's Day Fun - This fun valentine's Day worksheet presents students with the opportunity to count, complete a picture, and identify the largest and smallest items in a set.
Find the Difference Packet 1 - This file includes four worksheets to help improve visual perception. Students will find and color the picture that is different in each row.
What Does Not Belong? - Practice thinking skills when marking an x on the picture in each row that does not belong.
What Does Not Belong? Worksheet 4 - Circle the picture that does not belong in each group of three items.

Kindergarten Science

Animal Sounds - Students will have fun repeating each sound these animals make when the connect said animal with its sound.

Kindergarten Coloring Pages

Hey Diddle Diddle #2 - This nursery rhyme coloring page features the rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle and a picture of a laughing dog to color.
Hey Diddle Diddle #1 - This is a fun nursery rhyme coloring page of a cow jumping over the moon.

Miscellaneous Kindergarten Pages

Draw a Turtle - Students will follow directions, improve pencil control, understand on and have fun coloring when they complete this worksheet.
Flower and Star - Complete each picture so the flower and the star look the same.
Draw a Flower - Students will make the second flower look like the first and the second star look like the first when completing this worksheet.
Chicken Feed Maze -Please help the chick get to the seed.

Kindergarten worksheets created by Tracey Smith.