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Preschool is an exciting time! Youngsters are learning more about the world around them, exerting their independence, and beginning to play with others. Reading to children this age is important as well as lots of fun! Some preschoolers may be ready to transfer some of their knowledge onto paper. The worksheets presented here are meant to be a joint activity between a child and parent or caregiver. Obviously most preschoolers will need time to develop their fine motor skills in order to write letters and numbers correctly but completing worksheets can provide them with exposure to a variety of topics as well as provide a sense of accomplishment when finished. I encourage you to let your child be the guide as to how much time is spent working in this manner. With consistent exposure to written letters, words, and numbers, they will be better prepared to read and write when entering school.

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Preschool Math Worksheets

Counting and Number Recognition
Read, Color, and Count 1-10 - This set of ten worksheets encourages students to follow directions and improve their pencil control when they practice tracing and printing numbers and words. Students will further their fine motor skills development when they color the kid-friendly pictures on each page.
Winter Hats - Students will follow the directions and color up to 5 hats the color indicated. Colors include purple, yellow, blue, green, and red.
Picking Apples - Students will count the number of apples on the tree (6), write the number on the line, and color the picture.
Counting Farm Animals - Students will count the farm animals in each group, read the number, draw a line to the matching group, and trace the number.
How Many Dinosaurs? - Your students will count the number of dinosaurs in each group and circle the number telling "how many".
Counting Candy - Students will practice their counting skills and number recognition skills to 10.
Winter Counts - Children will count the colorful winter related items in each row and write the number that tells "how many"
Color the Squares 0-10 - Students will recognize each numeral from 0-10 and color that many squares in each row. This worksheet reinforces counting skills, provides practice in pencil control, and will present a "one more" pattern when completed.
Matching Objects to Numbers - Students will draw a line to match each group of objects to the correct numeral.
Draw the Dots 1 through 10 - Students will read each number name and draw a corresponding number of dots.
Count the Dots 1 through 10 - Draw a line to match the number names to the correct number of dots.
Counting Fun - Count up to 10 objects and write the number on the line.
Spaceship Count - Circle the number that tells how many spaceships in each group.
Lion Count - Count the lions and circle the number that tells "how many"
Penguin Count - Count the penguins and circle the number that tells "how many".
Sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - This file consists of five worksheets, one each for sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Students will count the objects in each set and color the sets with the correct number (1, 2, ,3, 4, or 5).
Numbers 0 through 3 - Students will count up to 3 objects and circle the number that tells "how many".
Numbers 4 through 7 - Students will count the objects and circle the correct number.
Numbers 8 through 10 - Students will practice counting 8, 9, or 10 objects and circle the number that reflects "how many".

More or Less
More or Less - Students will color the group of items in each row showing "more".
More or Less Worksheet 2 - Students will follow the directions and circle the rows of dots with more or less then count the dots and write the number that tells "how many".

Preschool Shapes
Tracing Shapes Worksheet 2 - Practice tracing circles, squares, and triangles.
Trace the Shape - Students will improve their fine motor skills when they trace the shape that is different in each row.
Different Shapes - Identify and color the shape that is different.
Different Shapes worksheet 2 - Color the different shape in each row.
Tracing and Coloring Shapes - Trace each shape and shape word.
Match the Shapes - Draw a line to match the shapes in each column.
Matching Shapes 123 - This shape set includes three worksheets in which students will match the shapes on the left with the shapes on the right.

Preschool Colors

Preschool Color Packet - This set includes eight color worksheets in which the student will trace and print the color word, color a related picture, and read a sentence. The colors featured are black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow.
Color Tiles - Improve visual perception and pencil control when printing the color words in the tiles.

Preschool Letters

Letter Recognition
Letter Recognition - This set includes fifteen worksheets. The first ten worksheets ask the student to look at the first letter in each row and circle the matching letters. The remaining worksheets provide letter and word printing practice.
Letter Match 1 - This set includes 26 worksheets. Students will trace the letter on each page and draw a line to the letters that match it.
Letter B Maze - Practice pencil control while following the letter B to exit maze.

Letter T Dot to Dot - Connect the dots 1-10 to see a picture that begins with /T/ .
My Silly ABC Book - A print and color ABC booklet.

Preschool Science

Match the Leaves - Draw a line to match images of leaves. This is a fun fall theme worksheet for preschool.

Preschool Coloring Pages

Hey diddle diddle - Read the nursery rhyme and share this coloring page of a dog laughing.
Sailboat coloring page
Owl coloring page
Triceratops - Kids will love coloring this cute triceratops.
Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring page
Hey diddle diddle - Funny coloring page of a cow jumping over the moon.
Baseball Mitt/Glove - A fun coloring page for up-and-coming baseball stars.

Miscellaneous Preschool Pages

Inside and Outside - Complete this opposite worksheet with one of two font styles, Zaner Bloser* or D'Nealian*.
Happy or Unhappy - Students will follow directions while learning about the emotions happy and sad.
Opposites - Draw a line between the pictures that are opposites.
Seasons - Let children complete this picture to reflect the seasons.
Using Scissors - Little ones can improve their fine motor skills when cutting along the dotted lines.
Tracing Fun - Improve pencil control when tracing the lines.
Transportation Shadow Match - Match the vehicles to their shadow.

*Fonts are not endorsed by Zaner Bloser or Scott Foresman.

Worksheets created by Tracey Smith.